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Two fisted tales of right and wrong.

Old fashioned pulp stories with a modern punch.

Martial Arts and Space Marshals

From the farthest reaches of the civilized galaxy where the crew of the APC Wyatt Earp keeps the colonies safe to the plains of the Great and Glorious Empire where the Zhang family protect merchant caravans from the swords of rebels and bandits, Michael Lauck brings readers old fashioned pulp stories with a modern punch.

Cover of the Grand Tournament by Michael Lauck
The Grand Tournament

Join Hong Yue’s quest to restore his family’s reputation by defeating the greatest martial artists in the entire Glorious Empire… and forgotten enemies from the past.

Cover of White Tiger, Black Leopard by Michael Lauck
Black Leopard, White Tiger

A new generation rises to protect merchants crossing the empire. White Tiger is ready to command his first caravan… until it becomes the target of a legendary thief.

Cover of Black Sky Ranger One: The Heist by Michael Lauck
Black Sky Rangers: The Heist

Space is empty, cold and dangerous. When there is trouble, Matthew Johnson and his crew of engineers and medics are the thin line between survival and oblivion.

Cover of Storm Blossoms



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